, a Business Design including UX and UI design

Blimey’s mission is to create a world with equal opportunities. We provide V(isually) I(mpared) P(eople) with innovative and fun exploration by embracing their capabilities.

The CityExplorer, concept originally by Rens Alkemade, is a service for the visually impaired that helps them to freely explore cities. The concept consists out of the CityExplorer App and the TinyExplorer, a small Bluetooth interface that can be placed on either a cane or guiding dog handle. This gives VIP the possibility to explore their surroundings by pointing around with the joystick. The CityExplorer App is build around a community, which enables VIP’s to share relevant information with each other with regard to exploring cities.

Tiny Explorer prototype in the brand colors

Interaction Design

The interaction of the CityExplorer App was quickly prototyped with shown below with a movie. An iPhone, and thus the App, can be operated by Visually Impared People using speech assistance.

Video showing the user interaction of a non-VIP


As a part from the module “from Innovative Concept to Business” the hypothetic company “Blimey” was designed along with three fellow students. During the module we created the brand with mission statement, trend research, benchmarking, cash flow statement, business model, service blueprint and implementation roadmap. Next to this we focussed on presenting the company and products well. The final presentation was visited by i.e. an expert panel of Liduina Hammer, director of INKEF capital, and Mark Hoevenaars, strategy director at van Berlo.

The final pitch was positively received and some of the panel members stated that they would hypothetically invest in our company.

Blimey final presentation for the expert panel