, Conceptual Social Design

Bonding with family is very important in Turkish society. Our Western society has lost touch with this value for emphasis is lying more and more on individuality. Illuminus is a ritual performed during a Western funeral ceremony. It shows the surviving relatives the connection they have to their family but is also custom made by them to express their love for the deceased. The ritual aims at creating awareness about the importance of strong family bonds.

Prototype of the object that is handed out during a funeral showing the connection between attendees


This final bachelor project has been a collaboration with LUCA school of arts in Brussels and Middle East Technical University in Ankara. Through extensive research into the Turkish culture the goal was to improve understanding between the Turkish and my own Dutch culture through a ritual.

By experiencing at first hand and interviewing Turkish people the core values of this culture were found. By merging the value which, I believe, is very important though not as apparent in my own culture with a typical Dutch ritual this concept was created.

Much time was spend as well to create the objects with 3D printing, silicon casting and electronics.

Electronics casted in silicone to create the prototype


The project was exhibited at Maison des Arts, Brussels, as a part of the Moving Rituals Exhibition. An exhibition set up by me and my peers in collaboration with the TU/e and LUCA. During the same semester group projects were also designed at Brussels and Ankara. These were present as well at the exhibition. For more information check:

Visitors and Illuminus at the Moving Rituals exhibition at Brussels