Ons Parktheater

, a Service Design including UX and UI design

“Raak Elkaar” is the slogan of the Parktheater. Though this slogan is only implemented from the Parktheater to the customer. This service design connects the audience of the Parktheater to one-another and implement the slogan even more. The online community enables the audience to get to know people with similar interests to get recommendations on shows from but visit shows with as well. At the same time it creates a more accurate view on the audience thus the Parktheater can cater even more to their needs.

Ons Parktheater Service flowchart

Interaction Design

To create a better view on the online community a mock-up was designed to show the user interaction. As the pictures below show it includes a website and an App. On the desktop version the user can draw up their profile and find other people to connect with and maybe even attend shows together. The App is designed to use at the Parktheater, having an online ticket and quick evaluation option when the user just steps out of the show. In this mock-up the desktop and App are not joined yet, though this would be a future development.


App user interaction flow

Website user interaction flow, click to enlarge


Several service design methods were used such as Customer Journey Mapping, Service Safari and Shadowing. To clearly communicate the concept a Service Blueprint, a Flowchart and a Business Model were drawn up. Next to this I made a video to easily communicate the service to anyone. The mock-up online community website and App were made with Muse and

Ons Parktheater value proposition business model